What You Need To Play Football

Unlike other sports, soccer does not require much equipment. Aside from the soccer ball, cleats or soccer shoes are what you really just need. However, school teams and leagues are now requiring soccer players to wear appropriate clothing or gear in playing the game—not only for safety purposes but also to give soccer players the ability to move more freely.

Here’s a list of some of the basic soccer equipment:

Cleats – Cleats or soccer shoes are specifically designed for playing soccer. These shoes have spikes on its outsoles for better movement on grass surfaces. There are also soccer shoes with rubber soles for playing indoor soccer. Wearing a pair of comfortable cleats that fits you perfectly can help in performing better at the sport.

Gloves – a pair of gloves are required for goalkeepers or goalies to protect their hands from the impact of the ball.

Headgears – although not required, wearing headgears can minimize head injuries.

Uniform (or jerseys and shorts) – uniforms are usually provided by teams; however, for practice or playing casual soccer, it is advisable to wear breathable jerseys and loose shorts (depending on what the player is comfortable wearing) to give players freedom to move.

Shin Guards – Shin guards are extremely important in preventing minor injuries in a particularly physical game such as soccer. Shins can be battered by the usual kicks done in the sport.

Socks – choose socks that are knee-length to ensure protection. Soccer socks should be long enough to cover the shin guards.

Water bottle – staying hydrated while playing this strenuous sport is essential.

While these are some of the basic needs for participating in a soccer game, there are items which are not allowed, like jewelries.

Soccer is probably one of the most-loved sports of all time. It can be more enjoyable with the proper preparation. Safety always comes first in any sports activity; having complete soccer gear/equipment can help a lot in prevention of injuries and maximizing playing performance.

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