Recommended Leg Training Workouts for Football

Football is one of the sports that call for outstanding leg strength from the players. Since football players greatly depend on their leg strength to be able to sprint, jump, kick, and move excellently on the field, specific training workout is needed for them to acquire leg strength that won’t let them down during the game.

Having a proper and adequate leg workout would not just help you increase muscle strength in your legs as well as your lower body, but it can also help in preventing some leg injuries you can possibly sustain while playing football.

Playing football requires strength, explosiveness, as well as speed. Therefore, the workouts a football player should be practicing must be directly related to the improvement of these skills.

Explosiveness or explosive power is one of the most important skills to be enhanced if you are a football player. Explosiveness is the ability to maximise your muscle strength in the shortest amount of time possible. Plyometric training is designed to improve explosive power that would be beneficial in football.

Having outstanding leg strength is crucial for a football player; especially that they would have to run, kick or pass the ball, and even jump for most the game.  Having strong legs won’t only help you kick the ball more effortlessly, but it can help you outlast the time of continuous running which the sport demands. You can practice strength training for your legs such as squats, which can strengthen the hamstrings, muscles on your ankles, the gluteals, plus the quadriceps.

Just like leg strength, leg speed is critical to every football player. Increasing your speed can be achieved through engaging in sprinting exercises. The best sprinting drills suitable for football training include speed ladder or stair sprints. Speed ladder drills can help you have that burst in your every step that can benefit you while playing football. This exercise also develops the quads and will help you be faster when you’re already sprinting on flat surfaces.

These are just some of the drills you may include in your football training to improve your strength, explosive power, as well as speed.

Another important thing to remember is, when you start workouts designed to strengthen your legs, make sure that you strengthen both legs. Some football players focus more on working to improve their dominant or kicking leg and end up neglecting the other leg they don’t usually use for kicking, also known as the plant leg. However, it’s essential to strengthen your weak leg or plant leg, too. Strengthening your plant leg can help you move more smoothly while playing. Also, if both your legs receive equal strength training, you get the proper balance that you need which is vital in preventing injuries that are commonly acquired from muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalance affects your posture and puts stress on your ligaments and joints.

Football is one of the sports that require superior lower body strength. You can maximise the development of your lower body and avoid getting injuries with proper training and appropriate drills.

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