The Role Of Supplements in Football

The modern game, at least at the professional level, is completely different to that of the past. With so much money at stake teams will leave nothing to chance and will try to optimise everything both on and off the field to find an edge. Nutrition and supplements is one of those areas where football teams have invested into with all top level teams hiring an army of nutritionists as well as partnering up with supplements brands. The days of drinking alcohol after the match or having a diet filled with junk food is long over.

Nutrition plays a key role in allowing you to perform at peak levels and to recover as fast as possible from the physical demands of training and matches. Football requires extremely high levels of cardiovascular fitness to ensure you can maintain your levels of speed, power and agility throughout the entire length of the match.

The demands of training and matches imposed on your body must be supported by a structured diet plan however supplements can be useful to give you that extra edge. Supplements will be the focus of this article.


It is important to ensure that your muscles are fully carbed up before training or matches to ensure that you have sufficient energy throughout. When you take in the carbohydrates is somewhat up to your own personal preference and what works for you. If you train in the morning having a carbohydrate heavy meal the night before could be best. If you prefer to eat in the morning before your session then make sure to leave an adequate amount of time for your stomach to settle. There is nothing worse than having to train and feeling bloated from the food in your stomach.
Supplements that can help are CarBarley, Maltodextrin and Dextrose which are all good sources of carbohydrates and can be consumed before exercise.


Depending on the length of your training session it is important to make sure that your glycogen stores and hydration levels are maintained for peak physcial performance. Supplements such as energy gels and drinks are great for this. They will help you fight fatigue and maintain performance in all aspects of your game. I personally like ENER:GELs from Myprotein.


After a match or training session it becomes about recovering as fast as possible so that you can train the next day. It is important to refuel with the nutrients your body needs so that it can start the recovery process as quick as possible. Protein and carbohydrates are essential. Protein is needed to repair any muscle damage. I like the brand Optimum Nutrition, you can purchase them from Carbohydrates are important to replenish muscle glycogen which after a long training bout could be depleted.

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